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Wildhorn Drift Helmet Review

Wildhorn Drift Helmet Review


Have you ever been on a motorcycle or dirt bike? If so, you know that the wind and dust can be really risky for your hair and eye. Also, the helmet of a motorcycle rider is a very important safety item. To choose the right safety equipment for your head our wildhorn drift helmet review surely help you.

The Wildhorn Drift Helmet is a stylish and protective helmet that you can wear to keep your hair looking fresh and sleek while you ride.

The wildhorn is a high-end, fully featured helmet with a modern, sporty design. The shell is made from EPS injection molding and has a removable and washable liner. The helmet features a detachable visor as well as an adjustable neck strap. It also has vents to help combat heat and moisture buildup.

This helmet is made of high-quality materials and will last for years with proper care. Let’s start full review with its latest features, pros and cons.

What is the Wildhorn Drift Helmet

The Wildhorn Drift helmet is a fully featured helmet that you can wear for long period of time in any type of weather. You can wear it for riding through extreme cold, hot and dry weather. It is also a good choice for those who love to bike races or off-road trails as it has all the safety features.

This is a must-have product if you want your head hair to look clean and fresh while you are on the road. The design is for everyday wear that you do not have to worry about ruining your regular look. It features a rugged shell and a removable and washable liner.

This liner will strongly help you to regularly clean it. The padding is made from a blend of EVA foam and synthetic padding which feels soft on your head. The helmet comes with a visor that you can turn into a polarized visor by changing the rubber head band.

Wildhorn Drift Helmet Reviews

The style and comfort of the wildhorn drift helmet is an unexpected plus. It looks great and has a very slim shape that is very comfortable for riding long distance. This awesome design helmet has a nice slim profile that makes it easy to use it while in any riding position.

It is a really perfect helmet which is widely used for motorcycle or any type of off road dirt biking. The size and weight of the helmet is perfect for the rider with a normal size or even children. The chin strap is a solid option that fits snugly on the head.

The great feature is it has a very protective shell that is easy to replace and wash. In fact, the helmet comes with completely advance technology design to make it more comfortable for its users.

You may be wondering how much this helmet will cost you. The price of this helmet is generally low compared to other general helmets and for this you get a beautiful, quality helmet, a good warranty and a long term customer support from the manufacturer.


This reputed helmet is completely designed with helmet safety in mind and made with high-quality product materials that will protect your head from serious injury and will look great on you. To prevent hot air from entering your helmet, there is an air channel from the chin guard.

The size of this helmet can be adjusted for all face shapes and it has a handy visor to protect your eyes from glare and direct sun. This helmet also has a handy vent for the chin guard for relief from hot air.

The shell of the helmet is very flexible and can be easily fitted with your favorite biking eyewear. It also comes with a removable liner for a more custom fit. The helmet has a dual-layered design with a layer of soft shell for a better fit.

Safety Features

The Wildhorn drift helmet has very protective and safety features such as a visor, anti-fog features, eye guards, and UV protection. The helmet also has external adjusters for your head and neck. As an option, you can also order your helmet with 360-degree visibility, the Wildhorn includes a super flip up visor that perfectly lifts up for air intake and opens down to block wind and UV rays.

The helmet uses an EPS foam liner that’s non-returnable, removable, washable, and free of growths and fungi. This allows you to change your helmet based on the weather and personal taste as well as your comfort.

You can find a variety of colors in the Wildhorn drift helmet with a camouflage and matte black color combination being the most popular. It is very easy to take on and off your head; the chin strap is adjustable so that it can be tucked into your waist.

The helmet has a reflective logo that you can actually see from far away and the flat and curved visor is made of D3O material. D3O is a specialized high-impact compound that provides a reduction in drag and increases peripheral vision by 30%. This helps prevent you from losing your sight and becoming blind if you crash.

Why do you need a helmet

The main reason you need a helmet is to protect your head from serious head injuries or death. A helmet should be able to offer protection against wind and rain, and the impact of getting hit with something hard like the pavement.

If you want to look attractive while you are riding your motorcycle then you will need a strong and glossy helmet with a clear, breathable visor to allow you to see and read. So you must need a best helmet on your motorcycle or dirt bike riding or any racing competition.

Why Wildhorn Drift Helmet is Best?

Made of ABS and EPS materials and featuring the world’s first ODSN neck adjustment mechanism, the Wildhorn Drift has the most adaptable ODSN device. The neck support range goes from 8 to 15-20 degrees of rotation. And you can comfortably wear the helmet without any problem while riding a motorcycle.

Its modular design is the perfect combination of a helmet and a right bike helmet. The helmet also comes with a more stylish and comfortable T-style visor, including a visor retention system, a protected rear LCD, a customizable flip-out earphone port and helmet straps with ergonomic adjustable buckles.

It is made of high quality world tasted materials and this helmet is super flexible and not heavy. The helmet is highly adjustable, so you can change the position of your helmet according to your taste. So this is really the best helmet that will strongly able to protect your head from any unexpected accident.

How to find the right size?

The first thing you need to know is what size will fit you properly. There are two types of helmets that will fit men and women. One is the Flex Fit helmet that fits like a glove. The other type is the Integra helmets that are designed for riders that want more protection. These helmets have more rigid construction and thicker foam core on head and neck regions that are not as flexible.

You can easily find the right size for your head by measuring the size of your head using a measuring tape. Then you can make a decision to buy the right size of helmet that will perfectly fit on your head. It has a soft adjustable belt to adjust size on any size of head. So if you mistake to choose the accurate size you can adjust it on your head by adjusting its belt. This is a very stylish helmet made from material that will protect your head and neck during your motorcycle ride.

The Helmet’s Performance

The Wildhorn Drift helmet has a better performance feature which you don’t see in other helmets. The adjustable helmet’s handle allows you to keep your head correctly in any position and angles.

 It has ventilation holes and you feel very comfortable during your ride. It has a removable and washable liner and is ventilated with 50 cm of foam. The goggles’ visor adjusts automatically, allowing the goggles to stay in place without causing a headache to the user.

This awesome safety helmet will work with just about any helmet headband. The company said that the adjustable handle can be operated perfectly and feel more comfortable to use in the cold as well as in the heat. The helmet is completely dustproof, which makes it a perfect choice for the everyday motorcyclist. The lenses of the Wildhorn Drift helmet are polarized to reduce direct sun glare.


The Wildhorn Drift helmet is an all-weather motorcycle helmet that will make your ride smoother and cooler. As it was previously mentioned, the helmet is made of high-quality materials and features a comfortable, convenient and stylish design. Its features are quite attractive, too.

It does well to keep your head protected from the wind and helps prevent fine dust and other particles from entering your face and hair. It is a great product that you can use as a motorcycle rider or for everyday use.

We hope our wildhorn drift helmet review could help you to focus its all advance features to get a clear knowledge on it.  A helmet that is safe, comfortable, easy to clean and wear during long trips is definitely a valuable investment. The Wildhorn Drift helmet is definitely a helmet to check out.

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