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How to clean a dirt bike chain

How to clean a dirt bike chain

The dirt bike chain is an important part of your dirt bike’s drive train. The drive train is the system of gears that shifts power from the engine to the rear wheel. It is made up of a transmission, final drive, and differential. It also includes the clutch and throttle for shifting gears, as well as brake levers for controlling acceleration. Keeping the dirt bike chain clean will help your dirt bike shift better and last longer.

If you want to make sure that your dirt bike stays in perfect condition, then you need to know how to clean a dirt bike chain perfectly. This article will tell you how to clean your dirt bike chain in few easy steps.

What is a Dirt Bike Chain and How Does It Work?

A dirt bike is similar to a motorcycle, except that it’s a type of all-terrain vehicle that has one front and one rear wheel. There are numerous types of dirt bikes, such as motorcycles and quad bikes, but most are still referred to as dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes are widely used as off-road vehicles for riding in the dirt, sand, and mud. Unlike motorcycles, which use a single front wheel, and a dirt bikes have single front wheels as a motorcycle. This front wheel is steered by handlebars, and there are also brakes for stopping the bike. You ride a dirt bike by using the foot levers and clutch to shift gears.

A dirt bike chain is a metal component that is responsible for transferring the power from your engine to your rear wheel. It works using a series of rollers, pins and sprockets which allow it to rotate. Chains are very durable and can last for quite some time.

The dirt bike chain also allows you to change gears and brake of your dirt bike. As you ride, your dirt bike’s chain will wear down due to friction caused by repeatedly being pulled over rocks and other obstacles. Because it will need regular maintenance, oiling, and cleaning, so it’s important to know how to clean your dirt bike chain perfectly.

Use Best Dirt Bike Chain Cleaner

The key ingredient in cleaning a dirt bike chain is WD-40. It is one of the most powerful dirt bike chain cleaner lubricants on the market today and you will need a nozzle to spray WD-40 on the dirt bike’s chain. The  WD-40 has two advantages over other cleaners, it is safe to use on all types of plastic and metal. However, WD-40 will work on metal chains very fast and able to clean all dust from it easily.

Also, you will need to pay attention to the chain’s ball bearings, and all joint point, because they can contains dust if your dirt bike chain lube is not used correctly. You can also use some type of plastic cleaner, but the plastic will need to be soft and easily removed from the chain. If you do not remove the dirt or mud from the dirt bike’s chain, then your dirt bike will not shift properly.

How to Clean a Dirt Bike Chain

The dirt bike chain is an important part of your dirt bike’s drive train. Keeping the dirt bike chain clean will help your dirt bike shift well and last longer. If you want to make sure that your dirt bike stays in perfect condition, then you need to know dirt bike chain maintenance.

Materials required:

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Kerosene/petrol
  3. Soft cloth
  4. Chain oil or gear oil or cleaning lubricant
  5.  Lube gun or syringe paper

How to Clean

Carefully double stand your dirt bike on a flat surface before starting work. If the bike has a chain cover, remove it carefully. At the beginning of the work, the toothbrush is dipped in kerosene or petrol and attached to the chain. This will take a long time.

Apply kerosene or petrol with one hand and turn the rear wheel with the other hand. Thus the whole chain should be soaked with kerosene. Now it’s time to wait a while almost 10 minutes.

At some point, the dirt in the chain will start to soften. Now start to rub the soft dirt with a toothbrush or use special brush for chain cleaning. Once the whole chain is brushed, the whole chain has to be soaked again with kerosene. You should wait 5 minutes again to get good result.

Now start rubbing as before. But now if you think the dirt is a little hard, apply kerosene on a soft cloth and rub. Similarly, turn the rear wheel to check if there is dirt anywhere on the chain. If there is, rub the dirt with a brush and then remove it with a soft cloth.

Note: Greece cannot be used on bike chains in any way. Because its density is much higher that oil or lube. As a result the opposite helps to keep the dirt stuck in more chains. Another reason is that in winter, grease and dirt accumulate and harden, which prevents the chain from turning normally.

Lubricant Your Dirt Bike Chain

You can use a lubricant bottle that has a narrow needle to lubricant well the motorcycle chain. Turn the rear wheel and apply lubricant to the entire chain. The wheel must be rotated several times by hand so that the lubricant reaches the entire chain. Now you should to wait a while.

After waiting for a while, you can see that the extra oil is falling off from the chain. Now you can attach the chain cover if your dirt bike has it. Wow….! Your all task is done and your dirt bike is completely ready for riding.

To see the practical experience of cleaning dirt bike chain we have attached a video that shows you how to clean a dirt bike chain perfectly.

<iframe width=”661″ height=”372″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/maPIA-4cwBk” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Why Is The Dirt Bike Chain Important?

Dirt bikes were constructed and invented in 1914 by Siegfield Bettman and have since become extremely popular around the world. The popularity of these bikes has increased over the years and also due to the advancements in materials and technology. It is one of the great vehicles of off road riding.

One thing that has helped these dirt bikes become more popular is the fact that dirt bikes are very affordable. That means that people can afford to buy a dirt bike and not have to be concerned about being able to pay for a new bike later on. Another thing that makes these dirt bikes so popular is the fact that they’re very affordable, easy to handle, and very durable.

It is one of the authentic bikes for off-road communication. There is no bike to give super speed and affordable riding on off road riding as a dirt bike. So there is a great importance to buy a right dirt bike for off road territory.

When to Change Your Dirt Bike Chain

Dirt bike chains are an important part of your dirt bike’s drive train. So you should care it at right time to get better result. You need to clean your dirt bike chain after riding at least 500 to 1000 kilometers. If your motorcycle contains a chain cover then you can clean your bike chain after 1000 km running but must clean it after running 500 km if your bike has no chain cover.


The way that you clean a dirt bike chain is also most important. Dirt bikes are the most common kind of vehicle used in the off road racing circuit. Some of the most popular dirt-bike racing classes are: •Half-Mile •National •Pro •Trials •4X4 so, it is obvious that the dirt bike is a huge help when it comes to beating your competitors on the race track.

Not only that, but you also need a best dirt bike if you want to go hunting in the woods, or if you want to do some fishing. Getting a dirt bike will give you a lot of fun while also helping you beat your competition.

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