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6 easy Step to clean dirt bike air filter

Cleaning your dirt bike air filter is a simple job you can do in minutes that will keep your bike running at optimum performance. It is recommended to clean your dirt bike air filter at least twice a year, but if you ride a lot, you may want to clean it every month. Cleaning your dirt bike air filter is easy and will make a big difference in your bike’s performance.

You need no previous experience to clean your bike air filter. Just follow our easy step by step guide.

Step 1: Find your air filter

Mostly riders do not know how to find the air filter. In simple terms it is located inside the air box, under the fuel tank. It is located inside the box that is used to connect your bike to your car. We advise you to check your carburetor first. Then you have to go around the carburetor and there will be air filter box. If you want to change your air filter, follow this step.

Check the gas tank to see if you have something hiding underneath. Check under the fuel tank to see if there is something hiding underneath. You should check your fuel tank and then check for the air filter box. Remove the filter 1. When you get your air filter remove it. It should not be too tight. If you try to remove it while you are riding it might break. Remove the air filter slowly. 2.

Step 2: Remove air intake tube

Remove the air intake tube by carefully lifting it off. Air intake tube can be removed using your thumb nail. Now remove the air filter cover with your fingertips and twist it back, to remove the inner tube completely. Replace air filter Simply replace the air filter cover with an air filter you are comfortable with. Remove and clean oil with a metal toothbrush Remove the oil and use a metal toothbrush to remove the old oil with minimal scraping. Clean the bike engine You can remove the old dirty oil by using a dilute shampoo. This will eliminate the potential clogs in the oil where the previous filter was. 2. Compressed air cleaner hose Compressed air cleaner hose can be tricky job. Just follow our guide to remove compressed air hose easily. 3.

Step 3: Remove air filter

To clean air filter you need to remove air filter from motorcycle. One of the most important process in cleaning dirt bike air filter. First thing you need to do before cleaning dirty air filter is to remove air filter from motorcycle. Pull air filter through extension rod To remove air filter you need to unscrew the three screws of air filter. It’s pretty easy and you don’t need to worry much about safety. Just follow our simple guide to remove air filter. Remove the three screws from the air filter Pull the three screws from the air filter. After removing the screws you can easily remove the air filter. When you are removing the air filter, make sure you’re on the right spot. Always keep the air filter in an open space, so there are no chances of damaging it.

Step 4: Wash air filter

Remove the cap on the air filter, and then wash it using petrol engine oil or water in a gas tank. We recommend doing this two times a month, and you can wash the air filter once in a month, as you don’t need to wash it immediately after using it, but rather wash it twice or thrice a month.

Drain oil After washing the filter, remove the old filter and drain the oil. Pour all the drained oil into a sieve, and then pour water in to wash the dirt out of the air filter. Wipe the dirt with a wet cloth. Now Remove the old filter and soak it in a bowl of rice for 30 minutes. Heat air filter in a microwave for 20 seconds dry air filter Wipe the dirt off with a clean cloth. Apply oil Apply a thin coat of oil on the air filter.

Step 5: Re-install air filter

Install the new air filter after cleaning and lubricating it. Before you start the process, you should get the dirt bike air filter ready. You can find out how to clean a dirt bike air filter, here. Remove the air filter Remove the old air filter, so that you can put the new one on. Your air filter should be attached using two rubber clips, a small screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Remove the plastic tab located on the bottom of the air filter.

Remove all dirt and grime Remove the inner filter (this is the filter under the inner flap). You will be able to find this filter through cleaning. Once you have found the outer filter, unscrew the upper flap, so that you can remove it and the dirty filter. Place new filter Place the new air filter into the air box.

Step 6: Re-install air intake tube

Make sure your air intake tube is not clogged with dust, you have to undo the air filter and also remove the oil cap, the air filter should fit the air intake tube perfectly. Clean the air intake tube with de-solder with alcohol and rinse with water. You can follow our 5 tips to clean your dirty air filter. Re-install air filter Insert the newly cleaned air filter inside the air filter housing. It is necessary to oil the air filter housing. Now you can use air filter housing to check if the filter is in proper position and function. Leave the air filter for a few minutes to let air flow through the filter and rotate it as shown in photo below. Oiling your air filter will protect the air filter from dirt and debris that could create air leaks.

See our Easy 6 Step

  • Step 1: find your air filter
  • Step 2: remove air intake tube
  • Step 3: remove air filter
  • Step 4: wash air filter
  • Step 5: re-install air filter
  • Step 6: re-install air intake tube

You can see this video to get knowledge


Thinking about buying new dirt bike air filter? Then this is how you do it. Before buying dirt bike air filter be sure to clean your dirt bike air filter. This way you will be able to clean your dirt bike air filter perfectly. Are you beginner in dirt bike? we advice you to buy beginner level dirt bike. And try to gather advance knowledge on dirt bike repairing and riding technique.

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