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Best Dirt Bike For Beginners

Best Dirt Bike For Beginners


Are you thinking of buying a dirt bike, but you are a beginner? Indeed, buying the right dirt bike can be puzzling and confounding if you are new to the sport. With the tens of thousands of brands out there, it can be an extremely laborious task to pick out just the right dirt bike for your adventures. And all the confusing terms like suspension, torque, pneumatics, etc., can further deepen your dilemma.

Getting the best dirt bike for beginners can be a laborious task, but we can make it very easy for you! This article will walk you through all the available options on Amazon and help you pick out the best dirt bike for beginners.

1.      Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike for Age 13+

The first product review is about Razor MX350. Undoubtedly, this dirt bike is one of the best dirt bikes for beginners out in the market! This steel-constructed, heavy-duty bike will give you a phenomenal biking experience on even the roughest of terrains. The MX350 will be a perfect choice for off-road racing as it is a powerful battery-powered and scaled-down electric moto-cross dirt bike. This bike is all ready to accompany you on your next off-road adventure and is designed to astound you with its features and specifications. Indeed, a marvellous biking experience is guaranteed!

Product features:

Before we get on with the specifications and features, we’ll have you know that this phenomenal road bike is designed and built for users above the age of 13. So it would help if you made sure that the user you are buying it for is above the minimum age requirement.

The Razor MX350 is famous for being suitable for kids and teenagers. It has a strong steel body coupled with precise geometry. The MX 350 adjusts the dirt bike’s orientation and geometry downwards to the size and height of riders aged 13+ and above to 140 lb (or 64kgs). This makes the MX350 an ideal fit for kids in the given age range and ensures that they have a hands-down, remarkable off-road experience.

As for the motor, it is very high torque and driven by chains. In practice, high torque engines are suitable for fast speed, provide a much stronger trigger response, and therefore have a lower power or energy consumption. So the MX350 is fast and consumes less power as compared to other dirt bikes.

The MX350 has a twist grip throttle and a hand-operated gear. An adjustable-angle riser-style handlebar, knobby tires, and hand-operated back brake, spoked tires with 12-inch pneumatic, retractable kickstand are vital characteristics of the Mx350. The adjustable handles make it suitable for kids with all arm lengths and provide flexibility and comfort. All these features are essential for the robust off-road experience that this dirt bike offers.

Coming to the power requirements, this dirt bike is battery-powered with a 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery system. The battery system is rechargeable. You simply charge your bike before your big adventure and can have the time of your life!

Other features include a double-crown fork which establishes a better connection between the rider and the bike. The MX350 also has soft rubber handle grips to reduce slippery conditions. So you will have a good grip on the handles, and you will be able to operate your bike more smoothly.


·         Steel construction.

·         Battery powered.

·         Rubber grips.

·         Adjustable handles.

·         Low energy consumption.

·         Easy to Use.


·         Size too small

·         Suspension problem


2.      Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross

Our second product review is about the Razor SX350 Motocross dirt bike. If you’re into motorsports, you’ve probably come across the name Jeremy McGrath. And this dirt bike was inspired by Jeremy McGrath himself. That’s right! The Razor SX350 is an iconic dirt bike that gives children a chance to have an epic off-road adventure inspired by the iconic Jeremy McGrath himself!

 This battery-driven, powerful, and well-constructed bike will surely turn heads everywhere you take it. You can bet that off-roading will never be the same again for the little ones. Now they can also have the feeling of an off-road king on their small-size dirt bikes. Yet another fantastic addition to our list of best beginner dirt bikes.

Product features:

Let’s get down to the specifications and features and discuss what remarkable qualities can be found in the Razor SX350 that has made it capable of being on the list of the best starter road bikes!

First of all, the Razor SX350 guarantees up to 14mph, which is good enough for the little ones. This speed limit will give the thrill of a ride as well as keep the kids safe from any kind of harm.

The most important feature of this dirt bike is probably the fact that it is almost like a miniature version of Jeremy McGrath’s bike. So the name attached to the bike gives a sense of superiority to those who are fans of sports themselves. The Razor SX350 comes with complete graphics similar to those on Jeremy’s bike and an MX-frame geometry.

This dirt bike is chain driven and has a relatively high torque. This high torque is the reason the bike can go up to 14mph and pack a lot of power into it.  The throttle is twist grip. This means that you simply twist the handles to control the bike. Many individuals prefer complete twist throttles when all five fingers grasp the sucker, and they are controlled by the full hand. That helps you hold on firmly, manage well, and assist in applying the twisting motion using your wrist rather than your thumbs.

Apart from all this, the Razor SX350 is battery-powered and can run for a long time on a single charge. It has a robust steel body, a double crown fork, adjustable handles, and hand-operated rear brake. The wheels are 12 inches and come with a retractable kickstand. The grips are made up of soft rubber to ensure a firm hold. All in all, the Razor SX350 is worthy of being called the best for beginners.


·         Twist grip throttle.

·         High torque.

·         Steel body.

·         Double crown fork.

·         Adjustable handles.

·         Rubber grips.


·         Too small for tall kids.

·         Low battery time.


3.      Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Adult & Teen Ride On High-Torque Electric Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

For our next review, we will be discussing the Razor MX500 in depth. If you want to surprise your kids with something fun and adventurous, then the Razor MX500 will not disappoint them! This extravagant dirt bike will steal the thunder of all the other birthday gifts on the table and will leave your kid with a huge smile on their face. Indeed, it is one of the best dirt bikes for beginners. This dirt bike is the perfect choice for both teens and adults with its high-torque motor and other unique features.

Product features:

The Razor MX500 is a fantastic bike for a variety of reasons. First of all, the authentic graphics used on the frame make it very attractive and eye-catchy. Kids will fall in love with it at first sight.

A mighty 500W motor powers the Razor MX500.   The engine is chain-driven and also has a variable velocity that offers good operation. This dirt bike works well with this potent engine. Due to the powerful motor performance, your children can get the simulation of riding an actual bike. This great bike can run at a maximum speed of 17 MPH. It’s the perfect choice for children to have an enjoyable off-road experience.

As for the powering, this phenomenal road bike is powered by two 12 volt lead-acid batteries (total of 24V), which are sealed and rechargeable.  These batteries are strong enough to perform their job adequately. The MX500 offers an excellent top speed of up to 17 MPH with these powerful batteries. With a single charge, this dirt bike will run up to 10 miles.  But you must note that it takes up to 8 hours to charge the battery fully. However, the experience will be phenomenal once it is fully charged and good to go. The bike runs at peak speed for more than half an hour of uninterrupted use.

The 500W motor makes the operation quiet so that it won’t create a racket. The 16 and 14-inch wheels are encased in pneumatic knobby tyres. Other features include dual suspension for extra comfort, dual disc brakes for convenient stopping, a twist grip throttling system, adjustable handlebars, and a front-wheel mudguard. The mudguard will prevent the dirt bike from accumulating too much mud. This is helpful because of mud hinders performance. You also have a 90 days warranty to cover you.


·         90 days warranty.

·         Mudguard.

·         Great performance.

·         Good top-speed.

·         Catchy graphics.

·         Dual suspension.

·         Twist grip throttle.


·         Takes long to charge fully.

·         Difficult assembly.

4.      Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike 6V Red

The Honda CRF250R is yet another fantastic addition to our list of the best starter dirt bikes! When you first lay your eyes on it, you’ll probably be stunned by the enticing appearance of it. The vivid red colour of this phenomenal dirt bike is sure to catch any buyer’s eyes. And it definitely won’t be any different for you! With its spectacular features like the high-power engine, 6V battery, alloy rims, and much more, this dirt bike is worthy of being called one of the best you can get. So let’s move on to the specifications and features!

Product features:

First off, this dirt bike is recommended for kids between the ages of 24 months and 5 years. Make sure you keep that in mind before making your purchase so you have a better idea of whether this particular model will cater to your child’s needs.

There are alloy rims on the CRF250R, which have numerous advantages. Alloy rim wheels minimize unsprung load and hence transfer lesser inertia to the springs. This makes it easier for the suspensions to track the surface, thus offering a better grip. Along with this,  there is a significant increase in handling, cornering and steering.

The attractive decals give you more of a reason to buy it for the kids. It weighs 25 pounds, so it is relatively lightweight and won’t give you a more challenging time handling it. The authorized Honda crf250r arrives with an improved 6-volt battery, a realistic engine, a 6V motor, a realistic start tone, a set of training wheels, and some stylish paint jobs for an appealing appearance. So you will get the simulation of riding an actual bike.

The dirt bike comes with some storage space so the little ones can take their essentials with them while on the go. If they’re planning on riding the dirt bike to the nearby park, they can pack some sandwiches and take them along in the storage space provided.

The training wheels are an essential feature for beginners. One simply cannot expect to ride a bike perfectly the first time they do it. The training wheels will allow beginner kids to adjust to the dirt bike’s workings and learn to ride it properly first. Once they’ve gotten the hang of it, the training wheels can be removed, and they can ride the bike without them!


·         Training wheels.

·         Storage space.

·         Attractive appearance.

·         Lightweight.

·         Alloy like rims.

·         Good battery.


·         Difficult assembly.

·         No reverse gear.

5.      Coolster Dirt Bike 70cc Semi-Automatic

The following review is about the Coolster 70cc dirt bike. If you want your kids to engage in some outdoor activities, look no further! This dirt bike will make the kids want to be outside all day. They will most probably forget about all the video games inside! So this bike has advantages for both you and the kids. Undoubtedly, this is the best beginner dirt bike for adults as well as kids. With its fantastic performance and ravishing decals, the Coolster 70cc bike is going to be a remarkable addition to your kid’s toy collection. And hopefully, they’ll love this one the most.

Product features

This extraordinary dirt bike is packed with a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine which is cooled by air. The Coolster 70cc bike offers an elegant, compact construction, big wheels, rigid spring suspensions, and provides a fast kick-start without using a clutch. It also provides a comfortable ride and other features like the 30+ MPH speed.

There are dedicated strokes in the 4-stroke engines for combustion, consumption, exhaust and fuel. Thanks to this, the overlap or fuel-to-exhaust ratio is considerably reduced. This helps increase the fuel efficiency of 4-stroke engines, meaning that it will use up lesser fuel compared to the outcome it will give.  This whole process is further assisted by using a direct injection system.

The construction of the bike is sturdy and robust to give it durability. This dirt bike is very comfortable to ride and will not cause you any pain during the ride. This is all thanks to the front air shock and the rear mono-shock suspensions that work together to provide added comfort. The Coolster 70cc bike gives you a speed of above 30 MPH if you’re a thrill lover or your kids prefer that.

The steady and reliable drum brakes provide an advanced braking system that can be considered one of the superior safety features of this dirt bike. This is just how the huge disc brakes enable the rider to lose momentum almost instantly or make fast stops.

The wheels are made up of heavy-duty steel, and the knobby levels complement them.   Thanks to the upgrades in the wheels’ balance and overall strength, they have been shown to have advantages on rough terrains.   Therefore, the wheels of this dirt bike have demonstrated to be able to handle even the most complex landscape with smooth and soothing riding conditions.


·         Strong body.

·         High top-speed.

·         Comfortable ride.

·         Safety features.

·         4-stroke engine.

·         Energy efficient.

·         No clutch kick-start.


·         Weak kick-start.

·         Sloppy gears.


6.           MotoTec 50cc Demon Kids Gas Dirt Bike 2-Stroke Motorcycle Pit Bike Blue

The MotoTec 50cc demon dirt bike is yet another extravagant dirt bike for your little ones. It will arrive at your doorstep in a stunning shade of blue. The attractive appearance will make you fall in love with it at the very moment! This high quality and high-performance bike will prove to be an asset to your children’s toy collection, and they are bound to cherish every second spent on the MotoTec 50cc demon dirt bike.  With its solid build, high speed, versatility, and responsiveness, and other unique features, this extraordinary dirt bike will not disappoint you in any respect.

Product Features:

The MotoTec 50cc dirt bike has been some upgrades in its engine. As it is part of the latest generation of the motorbikes by this brand, the engines are designed to run faster, produce more torque, and enhance your adventures’ thrill. The engine is a 2 stroke 50cc one that is very durable thanks to the latest upgrade. Since it is 2-stroke, the engine has a greater power density than dirt bikes with a 4-stroke motor.

This is possibly the best bike for kids starting off their off-road journey. It has a solid Chromalloy frame selected to bear the weight of your child and not succumb to high weight. This also makes the structure very attractive and stylish. It has an easy pull-start starting mechanism, so there won’t be any difficulties in getting the bike going.

Thanks to the high-quality rubber tyres, this dirt bike has a firm grip, and they are long-lasting. The wheel bearings are high grade. Riding the bike should be easy even for beginners because it is fully automatic. All you need to do is twist the throttle, and you can ride the bike smoothly.

The tyres make it easy for the bike to endure the hardships of any terrain. So don’t worry, even if you’re taking your MotoTec Demon 50cc to the desert! Speed can be controlled through a retractable throttle. There is a new and improved carburetor on this dirt bike and a rear mono-shock suspension.

Other features include disc brakes for adequate stopping, stylish moto-cross design, some front telescopic forks, and the look of an actual bike. Your kids will think they’re on an actual road bike! It is a safe bike packed with all these features, which makes it a suitable fit for all kinds of terrains and weather conditions.


·         Disc brakes.

·         Safe.

·         Chromalloy frame.

·         Easy to start.

·         Easy to use.

·         Versatile.

· High-quality tyres.


·         Poor quality pull chord.

·         Slightly Uncomfortable.


7.      Pulse Performance Products EM-1000 E-Motorcycle

For our last product review, we have picked the remarkable Pulse Performance EM-1000 motorcycle. This excellent dirt bike has some unique qualities that make it worthy of being on the list of the best of the best. With its ideal size, incredible battery life, and fantastic performance, it will surely brighten your kid’s day. It comes in a beautiful colour combination of purple and grey that will attract girls, especially. But this dirt bike isn’t just all-looks! Take a look at the product features, and you will know why we consider it the best beginner dirt bike. Let’s get straight to it!

Product features

The Pulse Performance EM-1000 is a beginner children’s electric dirt bike specifically for kids between 8 and 11 years of age. With its responsive yet subtle acceleration and easy operation, Pulse Performance has made this dirt bike a very user-friendly option. 

This is a pure, no-suspension electric dirt bike intended for young adventurers to use it as a learning bike and has the simplest yet highly durable parts. For high reliability, a quick repair, and extreme durability, the frame of the EM-1000 is made of heavy-duty steel. It’s all made of steel from its handlebars to the swingarm; the entire body is 100% steel. This way, you need not worry about repairs and wear and tear much.

Complete plastic coverings cover the steel frame, and there is a front mudguard made of plastic which gives the bike its authentic dirt bike shape and at the same time protects it from muddy situations. A peak power output of 100W can be achieved with the help of the Pulse Performance EM-1000 bike. This is all thanks to its OEM 24V motor that’s centrally mounted. So the driver can go up to the speed of 10 MPH on this bike, and it’s a reasonably safe speed even for beginners.

This entry-level dirt bike runs on a single gear with a simple twist throttle. So operating it is easy and convenient. There is a rear brake and no front bike as it is only a beginner’s bike meant for learning. There is no suspension on the EM-1000, which makes the ride rather uncomfortable. The brakes are drum brakes, giving higher banking force so the kids can quickly stop the bike.

The pneumatic and air-filled tyres of the EM-1000 allow the bike to absorb shock easily and makes riding convenient. The performance is excellent. The EM-1000 has an extended battery time of 40 minutes, thanks to its powerful 24V battery. All in all, this dirt bike is a perfect choice.


·         Extended battery time.

·         Safe.

·         Good brakes.

·         Plastic coverings.

·         Full steel body.

·         Pneumatic tyres.

·         Single gear.

·         Easy to use.


·         No suspension.

·         Only 10 MPH speed.

Buying Guide

It can be very confusing to pick out the right dirt bike for yourself or your kids. With the tens and thousands of options and brands on the internet, it becomes very tiresome to arrive at an informed decision. But the following are some essential features that you need to consider before buying a dirt bike for yourself or kids. This buying guide will help you pick out the best dirt bike for beginners.

Size Of The Bike

The first thing you should keep in mind before buying a dirt bike is size. You need to check the age and height requirements of a dirt bike online first. Some dirt bikes are not suitable for tall people, and some are unsuitable for short people. Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy a dirt bike where your legs can’t even reach the accelerator and brake.

For children’s dirt bikes, there are usually minimum age requirements. For example, some dirt bikes might be for children between the ages of 5 and 11. Size also determines the comfort that you get on a bike. Your ride will be much more comfortable if you fit nicely onto the bike.

Battery Life

For electric bikes, you need to look into the battery life of the bike. Search about how much a single charge lasts with continuous usage. Some may last 40 min, some less, and some more. Depending on your requirements, like the number of people sharing the bike, pick the right one.

Product Specifications

Before buying a dirt bike, make sure you know all the details of it. For example, if you plan to accelerate to higher speeds, get a dirt bike with a powerful engine or motor. Also, check the brakes (how well do they stop?), the suspension, the tyres, the quality of materials used in construction etc. You need to make sure that the product features align with your requirements. For example, if your dirt bike is not meant for grass, then you can’t use it off-road on areas with green patches.


How to start dirt biking for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, even the idea of falling from the bike will scare you. You will be nervous your first time. But that’s completely okay! Everyone is nervous their first time, and beginnings are always hard. You can use this guide to take a look at the few steps that will make dirt-bike riding easy for you and enable you to kick-start your biking journey.

Step 1: Starting up

The first thing you need to do is start the bike. So you first switch on the battery power. Then you start the engine through the key or any on/off button present on the dirt bike. If you’re starting your journey on a cold day, then you will need to pull out the choke from the dirt bike.

Step 2:  Clutch

Now, if you’re using an adult bike, you will need to pull the clutch. However, if it’s a kid’s bike, then you need to go into neutral.  If your bike makes use of a manual clutch, you will first have to pull the clutch. Usually, all adult dirt bikes have manual clutches. Kid’s bikes are typically automatic.   Your left handle is the clutch, much like the handbrake on a bicycle. Completely draw it in. This will put the bike in neutral successfully because the clutch disengages the gear.

Step 3: Gear shifting

On a dirt bike, only one way of changing gears is to use the shift lever, which is in front of the left footpeg. There is usually no screen on a dirt bike to tell you which gear you’re using, so you’re going to have to tell for yourself by the feel of it.  There are typically five gears on most adult dirt bikes. Stepping on the shifter constantly will place you in 1st gear. Then you’ll be neutral if you loop your toe under the shifter and marginally lift it by half a press.  As you lift the gear, you’ll go into second gear. Do it again, and you will be on third, then fourth, and so on. When you change gears, what you do is that you adjust the speed of the motor to the speed that you want to go. This allows you to run the motor at the “right” speed that is reasonably fixed while enabling you to change your speed.

Step 4: Brakes

You can use your brakes when you want the dirt bike to come to a halt. The main brake is the foot brake on a dirt bike. Getting used to the use of a foot brake takes a couple of minutes. It regulates the dirt bike’s rear tire, which offers the smoothest halt. It is a tiny metal lever in front of your right foot.

You must sit on the footpeg so that the palm of your foot is on it, then you start picking up your foot and glide it when you want to pause, forward to foot brake.

Step 5: Go!

Adjust your position and step on the gas! Now you’re good to go and ready to make brakes wherever necessary. It is not difficult to ride a dirt bike.  A few stages of the process may feel uncomfortable during your first 5 drives, where you’ll be still building muscle memory. But once you have developed your muscle memory, you will find riding much more straightforward.

How to Jump a dirt bike

 Jumping on a dirt bike sounds challenging but thrilling.

You first need to make yourself familiar with the process. To understand what your line of vision would be like and what you can anticipate during the takeoff and the landing process. You can start with jumps in which you can clearly see the landing as you execute the jump. Watch somebody else go through the hop, if possible. This will allow you to understand how quickly the jump will arrive and what the landing will be like.

Wait for the engine to warm up. Drive over the jump, which you intend to do steadily enough so that you don’t stay in the air. Start by driving up and down, ramps an elevation to get a sense of the jump.

Get in a stable position, stand with your knees bent slightly while your feet are on the pegs. Grip the handlebars with your head above them. Accelerate smoothly and steadily as the jumping time approaches, and keep your bike on a low gear during the jump.

Using a quick and controlled motion on the throttle to accelerate to the desired speed as you drive up to the jump. Once you attain the desired speed, maintain a firm grip on the throttle and retain it through the jump. After this, all you need is practise!

How to Clean a Dirt Bike

As fun as dirt bikes are, they require some cleaning and maintenance.

1.       Before washing the dirt bike, remove the seats, air filters, Airbox, bark busters, and muffler. These all get damaged with water.

2.       Next, you should start the hose and start spraying water on it. We don’t recommend using a pressure washer. But if you do, be careful around the engine as it can get damaged.

3.       Next, get a suitable soap or washing powder and start scrubbing and sponging the dirt bike. As dust accumulates on a dirt bike quickly, this is going to be a tedious job where you’ll have to wash and scrub aggressively. Then hose off the foam with water.

4.       Next step is drying the bike. Grab a dry and clean towel.  You can use a microfiber, terry cloth, or cotton towel for this purpose.   Terry cloth is excellent at absorbing much of the sweat, while a memory foam towel picks up every remaining gunk and dust.

5.       Once everything is dry, reassemble the bike.

How To Repair A Dirt Bike Tube

To repair a dirt bike tube, follow the following steps:

1.       First of all, you need to make sure that the inner tube is dry if you’re using water to locate the void. To facilitate cleaning around the hole, add fine sandpaper. You can also use an emery board.  Wash a region wider than the patch that you want to attach.

2.       Next, spread a layer of rubber solution around the void or hole.

3.       Wait till all the solvent evaporates. After that, you can apply the patch to the hole. You must not be able to smell any of the alcohol solvents. Make sure the solvent has evaporated, and you only smell the rubber before applying the patch.

4.       Peel off the patch with the protective coating.  Attach the patch to the glue layer such that the gap is located below the patch.

5.       Dust fine dust or chalk onto the patch and nearby region. A patch kit also comes with a chalk block to produce this dust; however, any fine dust hanging around can be used. The powder neutralizes the adhesive around the pad to keep the internal tube from sticking to the patch’s insides.

6.       Next, roll the tubes to get all the air out. Then secure it firmly using an elastic band or rubber band.


Now that you’ve read reviews of the best dirt bike for beginners, you probably are in a much better position to pick out just the right one for yourself. You now know all the specifications you should watch out for and know how to clean your bike!

All the bikes mentioned above are excellent picks; however, the Razor MX350 is the top pick for today in terms of its unique features. We hope this article was helpful and enabled you to pick just the right bike for your kids!

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