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Best Bike Rack for Car UK

Best Bike Rack for Car UK

Whether you want to transport your mountain bike to a destination or heading on an adventure with your family, and you want your bike to be with you, all you need is a bike rack. No matter which level of cyclist you are, a bike rack is a piece of vital equipment for you.

The best bike rack for the car is the one that carries your bike safely and securely. There are various bike racks available in the market, and choosing one is a difficult task. After experimenting, our experts have shortlisted the 4 best bike rack for car UK. Let’s dive into the detailed review of each product.

1. Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Product Description

The Swagman is our winning product and is considered the best bike carrier for car UK because of its unique features. It is one of the first companies who invent the design of bike racks. You can use it on long drives and road trips easily without carrying about the security of your bike. You can lock the bikes with the rack and forget about it.

Important Features

This hitch mount bike rack comes with ratchet hooks and has hitch pins that allow you to lock your bike securely with the rack. With these sturdy locks, your bike won’t leave its place, and it will make your trip worry-free.

You can assemble the rack within a minute, and you need only basic tools. You will need a screwdriver to secure plugs and a wrench for tightening the bolt pin.

All the instructions are written on the manual; follow them and place your bike on the rack; you are ready to go!

The design of this rack is highly versatile; you can put up to 2 bikes inside it. A biker usually loves this as this rack can fit bikes of almost all shapes, sizes, and designs. Your bike will remain safe and sturdy even on rough and bumpy surfaces.

The maximum weight that this product can withstand is almost 35 pounds per bike. After using the rack, you can easily fold it and store it. This saves your storage space a lot.


Convenient to use.

Easy to assemble.

Requires less space for storage.

Can transport two bikes.

Affordable price.


The central pillar does sway so slightly.

2. Thule 940000 Rear Luggage Carrier EuroRide 940

Product Description

If you are the one who is very conscious about his vehicles and don’t want to disturb your car’s wheels but still want a bike on the roof, then this Thule Euro ride is surely for you. Although it is expensive than others but it is worth buying because of its incredible design. It is one of the best tow bar bike rack UK as it can hold up to two bikes easily.  

Important Features

This bike carrier is highly functional and comes with all the basic needs you want in any rack. It has a moveable wheel holder with a soft strap to make all the processes effortless for you. The rack weighs more than 50lbs, so you might need someone’s help to put this on your hitch. After installing it, you can easily tilt it up and down as per your requirement.

The bike rack has a frame-free ratcheting arm that allows you to extend the capacity easily. You can easily put your bikes inside the stable frame holders and make sure that the bike frame is up to 70mm.

After mounting your bikes, you can tilt the boot even with your hand easily. You just have to attach the quick mounting handle with the tow ball that will take few turns, and your bike will be uploaded. After uploading, just lock the bike rack with the lockable knob; this will secure your bike perfectly.

The holder is rubber-coated; this helps in reducing the chances of dents and scratches on your bike. Furthermore, the reflecting caps will play their role by keeping the rack seen, and it acts as a sign to alarm the traffic from the rear. After using it, you can easily fold it and put it in the car boot.


No need to remove the wheel.

It can be operated easily.

Secured back perfectly.

Versatile and durable.



Heavier than others.

3. Thule 598001, ProRide 598, Roof Bike Rack, Silver

Product Description

The Thule ProRide is another best bike rack for car UK, and it has series of incredible features that make it stand out from others. Compared to other bike racks, it is a bit costly, but you get what you pay for. Let’s uncover its amazing features.

Important Features

When you put your bike on the roof rack, it will support your bike through the frame tubes rather than using a wheel or forks. The clamp comes with large, thick pads and a torque dial; this helps minimize the chances of damage to your bike.

Thanks to its perfectly designed wheel tray and frame holder that automatically adjusts the position of your bike to ensures its security. The force exerted on the frame is very important; you can control it through torque limiter dial control.

The handle of this rack comes with a wide trigger that helps raise and lower the rack while using one hand. Its rack arm provides you a very comfortable grip and helps in securing the front wheels. The integrated cable lock also adds its value by keeping your bike secure.

The claw’s extended lower jaw prevents your bike from falling. Before buying this product, makes sure to notice the frame dimensions that it can withstand easily.


Safe and secure mounting.

Easy bike securing.

Minimum chances of frame damage.

Wide trigger handle.

Easy to operate with one hand.

Best tow bar 4 bike rack UK


Needs a lot of care.

Heavier in weight.

4. Leader Accessories Hitch Cargo Carrier With Stand Foldable Cargo Basket 60″ L x 24″ W x 6″ H with 500 LB Capacity Fits 2″ Receiver.

Product Description

The last pick in our list of best bike carriers for car UK is Leader foldable cargo basket. This brand is famous for producing high-quality, durable, and user-friendly products. Customers love it because of its incredible design and features. This bike rack ensures that your bike is protected from accidents and helps you take your bike easily to your destination.

Important features

 Unlike common bike racks, this carrier has very different characteristics. It is highly versatile, and you can use it for different purposes. You can easily attach this rack at the back of your car and mount your bike. Don’t worry about its security; the rack will take the responsibility of safety.

The height of the sides of the rack is almost 6 inches; this keeps your bike safe and does not allow it to fall. Even if your traveling route is bumpy, this rack will make sure to hold your item carefully. Also, the steel frame has a coating of durable powder coat finish that makes this rack anti-rust and away from scratches,

Above all, you can use this rack in camping and all other outdoor activities. Its ergonomic design allows you to open legs under the basket; this gives it a look of a stable table. You can easily use this for the camping kitchen and have a good time around the table with your family.

Whenever you are going, keep this foldable rack with you to make your trip memorable. This carrier has a capacity of 500 lb, so make sure to consider this while installing your bikes. With its folding shank, you can tilt up the carrier when not in use and store it wherever you want.


Made with premium quality.

Have big capacity.


Saves space.

Different design than others.


Doesn’t comes with specific locks. 

Buying Guide

While choosing the best bike rack for a car UK, you must consider the following important factors. First, give these considerations a read and then select your product.

Number of Bikes

The first question you should ask yourself is that how many bikes you want to transport? You surely don’t want to stack up your rack with the pressure that it can’t handle so, it is better to notice this factor beforehand. Each bike rack has a different number of cradles, so before buying, always notice that does it matches your requirement or not.


It is one of the most important factors as we all want our bikes to remain safe and secure.  The best bike rack for car UK always comes with a good locking system and has anti-theft features. 


Some racks are easy to install while others are quite difficult, and you need someone’s help to complete them. Installation of the bike carrier should be easy and quick. Usually, you need some tools to install it, but you can do it easily by following the manual instructions.


Before deciding to buy a product, always decide your budget and then choose accordingly. We recommend you choose a bike rack with a reasonable price; this will save your money and not cause you much loss in case of any problem.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in choosing the best bike rack for you. Explore and seek the adventure as you want without caring about little things. From our best picks, choose the one that matches your taste and enjoy your next journey with full zeal.

Happy Adventure!

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